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Defending @Tinashe in wake of her black comments

Defending @Tinashe in wake of her black comments

Colourism is definitely a thing, especially, in the public eye vs  from a fan's perspective kind of thing.  Singer-songwriter Tinashe (whom is one of our dear Twitter friends) recently sat down with The Guardian for an interview about everything from her career; blackness, and how she's been discriminated against in the Hollywood-music scene. This is where it gets interesting.  Most of Tinashe 's interview is pretty standard, but, one particular cut-out from the interview sees Tinashe declare that she "openly identified as a mixed Black woman". The issue? She says in part that the African American /Black Community in America doesn't "fully embrace her" because she's not "dark enough". We've all heard it before, the obsessive light skinned vs dark skinned argument that more often than...
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