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When thots try to look like @KylieJenner
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When thots try to look like @KylieJenner

  In a vane world where nobody knows how to be themselves, this one, only takes the cake and let it be a lesson: Not everything should be copied. One Briton learned that the hard way after she apparently acquired lip fillers on groupon in Thailand, some of which, probably wasn't the brightest idea in the barrel. Amelia Greville, who now lives in Thailand, claims that she was "illegally" tricked into injecting silicon into her lips rather than the much discussed Juvederm used by celebs like Kylie Jenner.  Greville, pictured,  further claims that the silly injections  have made her "feel ugly" and she has become a "victim of bullying" at the school in which she works. Now, it must be noted, silicon is illegal in Thailand but it is unknown whether or not the injections were actu...
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