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Thomas Markle Jr throws his hat into the ring to get Megan ‘s attention

It seems the Markle family is hell-bent on trying to get the attention of Megan Markle.  According to The Daily Mail, uh, Thomas Markle Jr, 52,  offered up a Christmas card he sent to the Palace in hopes of reaching his half-sister. The Mail claims that the letter says that "I would hope that you hope that we can be a family again for the New Year". But, as most know, that seems unlikely since it seems Kensington Palace nor Markle appear to have an interest in rekindling any form of a relationship with Mr. Markle. Jr further claims that their father, Thomas Markle Sr., is indeed telling the truth and ("actually does text Megan everyday in hopes of getting her attention"). Kensington Palace, did however, previously confirm that Megan would indeed spend Christmas at Sandringham with the ...
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