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Sharon Osbourne has lawyered up amid race row at CBS’s The Talk

A highly lucrative contract between CBS and Sharon Osbourne is now reportedly on the line. According to Page Six, Osbourne has lawyered up amid reports that she is poised to be out of a job amid allegations that she is racist. The allegations first surfaced earlier this month after Holly Robinson-Peete alleged that she had been told she was too ghetto for the talk. Of course, the allegations spread fast throughout the media — with others quickly finding out that there were other instances of the alleged racism. Osbourne maintains that she’s done nothing wrong and reportedly plans to see her way through negotiations. CBS maintains that this was not an attempt to push her out of her contract.

All the drama unfolding at CBS’s The Talk explained

CBS ‘s The Talk which has long been a juggernaut for the network is now finding itself in trouble. This week it emerged that allegedly Sharon Osborne might have a taste for those who are racist but then apparently had no idea that might also make her racist. As a result of those comments and her defense of Piers Morgan execs have placed the show entirely on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The problem first arose after Osborne jumped to the defense of disgraced presenter Piers Morgan. For those who are all caught up, Morgan famously tried to claim on Good Morning Britain that somehow by coming forward about her struggles Meghan Markle was lying. Particularly lying about suicide tendencies inside the palace —- which in turn set off intense criticism. Osborne followed...
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