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The Daily scores nominations at 2019 UKBA Awards

The Daily News is super excited to announce that we once again are  among the top-jockeys at the 2019 UKBA Awards to be held in London next year.   We actually learned earlier this month that we’ve received at least 3 nominations. Formal nominees will be announced on 3 November from London, when, the UKBA organization announces in full the entire list of 2019 nominees.  
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Our Video hub is back — for the first time in a year

After several technical difficulties during its first launch, our much loved video hub, is back online.  Our new and improved hub  features all sorts of videos; music videos, news videos, and aggregated videos from the internet.     The video hub can be found on the right side of our home page, and,  we are looking to incorporate it into its own section of the website in the coming days. To submit feedback and or suggestions: commonroom@bazaardaily.co.uk

Despite rumors, Khane, is not in a romantic relationship

Despite rumors on the internet; social media, and certain apps -- Khane is not in a romantic relationship  of any sorts.  The rumors first appeared in  The Standard and then  appeared all over various social media sites.  Khane, ehum, has not been involved in a romantic relationship since he was at least 19 (he is 23 at the end of the month).  the last time he came close to dating someone,  the person was never actually found again  after a few dates.    The interesting of the rumor, is, that it goes on to claim that Khane is on his way to be married. You've only heard it here. Khane has no interest in getting married, and,  is not getting married.

Merry Christmas from The Men + Women Of The Daily News

It's another Christmas, and, another holiday season. We've spent the past year entertaining and informing millions of you and wouldn't  have it any other way.   We'd like to take the time out of our day to wish each of you reading this a ve3ry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everybody at The Daily News including SHK himself. Please drink responsibly and eat as much as possible.
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Ahead of SEC filings, SHK ‘s earnings and net worth revealed for the first time

Ahead of our scheduled SEC filings to become a publicly traded company for the first time ever, we, are now obligated to disclose the net worth of our founder.   SHK has an estimated net worth of at least $5.6m. On average,  SHK rakes in $10,000 a month in total earnings from royalties; social media partnerships,  brand endorsements, and advertising revenue.  For the month of May, SHK, raked in a handsome $10,562.54 in earnings.  Last year, SHK raked in  just south of $225,000 in total earnings. The earnings revelations come as we are now lawfully required to disclose exactly how much SHK is actually worth at this time.
We’ve received offers from the EU to vacate the United Kingdom
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We’ve received offers from the EU to vacate the United Kingdom

  LONDON --  While we have made it clear (at least for now) that we have no intention of leaving the United Kingdom, we do, however, have to disclose the following. Several EU countries (to prevent a crisis, we won't name them) have ponied up concession offers; impressive financial offers, and even breaks on obligations as a business in exchange for one thing: Sultan Khan to vacate the United Kingdom in favor of a EU nation. As one of the U.K's top publishers, Sultan Khan, has long vowed to remain loyal to the United Kingdom as that is his residence and the place "where everything began for me" he once again. Most of the offers including "free" residences;  steep discounts on new buildings for our business, and relatively easy visa and transference of immigration status to...

We’ve just purchased a Manhattan Loft 

The Daily News second additional headquarters is under construction.  While we won't release that many details about the location of our new loft, we, are pleased to announce that we are bringing many of our frequently popular services to Manhattan. Having our loft in New York City will allow us to bring our book producing/editing; private investigations, home cleaning services,  financial planning, wedding and event service-friendly way of life to the city.
The Daily News is now among the most visited websites in America
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The Daily News is now among the most visited websites in America

With more than four dozen staff writers;  two dozen social news aggregators, and an army of  nightcrawlers  The Daily News has now become one of the most visited websites in America.  As of 15 January 2017,  The Daily News is now ranked 99,000 in the United States, a feat that has never been achieved before on Alexa.com. On Quantcast.com, we're ranked as follows. 10,034 in the United States 10,910 in the United Kingdom 11 in Pakistan 9,089 in Australia  
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We’ve got four more kids out of that Breed it Raw investigation

In regards to the scope of our investigation,  kids and men are turning up by the droves the more we seek them out and write about the investigation.   We sent the first child home to his parents to NYC  today marking the first child we physically managed  to save. He had one single thing to say to the Daily News "You saved me". Meanwhile, we've found four more that have turned up.  One, who is barely 15, was found in a Mcdonalds in downtown Atlanta hungry and alone after having e-mailed into the Daily News from his tablet.    He along with three others remains in the hands of some of our own until we can send them home. We are alike before giving each child/teenager an option. Either follow through and take the bag of snacks; small amount of cash, and a warm blanket and g...

The Daily News Welcomes Mobile, AL resident Cole Brennan to the team

MOBILE, ALABAMA --  The Daily News is happy to announce that we've added new talent to our team. Cole Brennan, 30,  is our latest addition to our staff writing squad. Brennan, hails from Mobile Alabama, and, is currently doubling as a doctors assistant. Brennan will cover local topics in the southern US, and,   entertainment & sporting events across the region.  By request,  Brennan 's photo will not be released.
The Daily News opens formal probe into  phony Wells Fargo Account bearing our name
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The Daily News opens formal probe into phony Wells Fargo Account bearing our name

NEW YORK CITY -  There's a big problem here, and, we've since dispatched our own officials and financial officers to America to determine how exactly we ended up with a Wells Fargo business account we knew nothing about. Accounting was made aware of the account in the early hours of today after our finance department made notification that we had been receiving collection phone calls from the bank in America. The problem? We don't even operate in America, and, are not lawfully registered beyond an EIN in the U.S. We are not authorised to hold an American bank account. The bank claims that Sultan Khan opened the account, however, that is almost impossible considering Sultan Khan lived in South Florida at the time the account was opened apparently in Washington D.C. We are cu...

The Daily News is seeking an affairs editor for hire

The Daily News is opening its doors once again to the public, this time, seeking an affairs editor to cover topics from activism and beyond. Here are some general requirements for the position. This position is full time. The editor must be POC. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 years of age. YOU MUST OWN AN IPHONE. Salary rate  remains negotiable as we seek to be competitive in the market. Email all resumes to sultank91@icloud.com
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The Daily News is fighting off antitrust charges after revealing its colossal size

  Just days after The Daily News revealed its colossal size, we, have now come to learn that antitrust charges have been lobbied against this very newspaper.  As a privately owned massive online newspaper, we are not owned and are not controlled by any government entity; news agency, or mainstream television network. It has come to our attention that we have been categorized as "big" and big enough for government oversight and control. However, as a privately owned organization that has never received funding from an outside source -- we -- are entirely controlled by ourselves and SHK. We are unraveling a maneuver to prevent the takeover of our business, as, we have been ordered to turn over user information to authorities. The request has been swiftly rejected by SHK.

The Daily News renews digital contract through 2018

The Daily News is proud to announce that we have renewed our digital contract to remain online through 2018.  In 2018,   The Daily News will celebrate  its 15th anniversary  as a digital newspaper -- an even bigger landmark than ever before.   The Daily News can subsequently announce that we will be joining PopGlitz.com as part of its top-level  editorial squad.   SHK is expected to join PopGlitz.com as an Editor at Large in the coming weeks as we continue to work closely with Javonni Brustow on forming a digital partnership suited for journalism heavyweights.
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