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My father raped me, now, I’m pregnant with his child
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My father raped me, now, I’m pregnant with his child

This is an editorial for The Daily News penned by [Sarah, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy].    The views and information reflected in this editorial are solely those of the author, and, do not immediately refeclt those of The Daily News.  I'm not but 22, something, that still shocks me each day that I realize that I'm pregnant. But not just pregnant, pregnant, with my father's child.   It happened earlier this year, over Valentine's Day, while my mother was away. But it wasn't what you think it was.  My father has always had an interest in young women,  specifically, me.    I remember  coming home to visit my mother  from college, to, discover that she had not yet gotten home from work.  Not that it was a bad thing, it, just gave me more of an opportunity to surpri...
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The Daily News enacts retraction policy in accordance with UK laws

As a primarily British based business, we're gearing up to change the way we report on news just a bit. In accordance with British press laws and regulations, The Daily News, will begin printing retractions and changes in accordance with stories that require such.  We are working towards a better focused;  joint, and civil form of operations in our newsroom that better appropriate British laws. The policy goes into effect tomorrow and will also change the way we report news in America. American news stories will also carry a retraction where needed to ensure responsible reporting. This policy announcement comes from The Common Room a new department of The Daily News in which will deliver necessary announcements and updates to the public regarding national news etc. 
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