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Texas ‘s utility company is remotely changing your thermostat, here’s why they’re allowed to do that

Texans are finding out that the controversial utility company that seems to run the show actually has the power to remotely control thermostats without the initial acknowledgement of customers. According to the company, lots of customers have apparently previously signed on for the state's energy saving program (which we've found does in fact go by various names.) The program and the enrollment of such has given the company access to thermostats in the area even if customers didn't immediately agree to do such. The company confirmed over the weekend that they're raising temperatures around the state in homes in an effort to reduce AC consumption and electricity. During summer peak energy demand days, we may briefly adjust your thermostat settings by a few degrees," CPS Energy ...
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Police: Parents beat teen for refusing arranged marriage

DALLAS -- A once missing Texas teen has reportedly been found, ehum, thanks to the FBI. According to official, 16-year-old Maarib Al Hishmawi   was found after her refusal to take part in an arranged marriage.  FBI officials say that her parents tried to sell her off for $20,000, but, she refused the marriage and the man that tried to forcibly married her. As a result, Hishmwai was badly beaten and often subjected to such cruel and inhumane living tactics that police couldn't believe she was alive when they found her.   In probably what may be the most disturbing fact, police, say Hishmawi was also subject to being attacked with hot cooking oil (among other cooking products) for her failure and refusal to service her would-be husband. Her parents are facing some pretty serious charge...
Authorities:  We’re investigating another  bomb explosion in Texas
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Authorities: We’re investigating another bomb explosion in Texas

SAN ANTONIO ---   Big news in Texas today, even though Trump has yet to acknowledge it.   According to state authorities,  another bomb went off inside of a  Fedex facility injuring one of the female workers.   The bomb reportedly went off while it was going from the belt-to-belt inside of the facility, per authorities.    Police also say that a second bomb was found in Austin this morning, although, it appears that it was intercepted. Police sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity  because they weren't authorised to speak on the situation tell The Daily News that "Authorities found the original mailers and address information for the package, so now,  police are looking at the address on the label to determine the connection and why someone would mail them a bomb". Meanwhile...

Popular Texas crime blogger arrested for reporting the news

That headline wasn't a play on words, and, ehum, we mean that literally. According to reports,  Priscilla Villareal a popular citizen crime blogger was arrested Friday on charges that she mishandled official information (when in actuality, she beat officials to the point and made the public aware). Officials claim that the charges actually come from the previous suicide this year of a Customs Enforcement employee. Villareal, per the complaint,  "misused the name of the employee for personal gain by publishing it before it was made available". Meanwhile,  the name of the employee was actually already available by means of public record. Priscilla is actually, you guessed it, Lagordiloca, a crime blogger perhaps best known for being on scene of major crimes and various events in Texas....
Cop who killed Jordan Edwards has turned himself in: Reports
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Cop who killed Jordan Edwards has turned himself in: Reports

Roy Oliver, the now infamous cop who shot Jordan Edwards, has turned himself in.  We've learned that Oliver turned himself in overnight last night, but, in a matter of reported hours has posted upwards of $300,000 bail. Per the arrest warrant leaked to The Daily News, Oliver, has been charged with murder in the death of Edwards.   Oliver, notoriously opened fire with a rifle on a car carrying  Edwards and his friends which almost killed Edwards instantly.  
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