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A partially automated Tesla vehicle struck a police car sparking further discussion about the use of such cars

Tesla 's autopilot feature has long been in th enews over the past year. Amid dozens of reports of drivers misuing th program, the program is once again in the news this time in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the 27-year-old driver of the Tesla reportedly had the system partially engaged when he crashed into a highway patrol officer. The officer was reportedly on their way to help a disabled vehicle while riding along a local highway. Per officer reports, the Tesla crashed into the left side of the vehicle but neither the driver or the officer were actually injured in the crash. It has sparked a wider discussion of sorts in an already murky discussion about the use of smart and AI technology leaving tasks like driving to a computer.
People actually think self driving cars are a real thing
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People actually think self driving cars are a real thing

Just ask some drivers in China, who have now suffered their own self driving car crashes. Tesla, the automotive giant behind the faulty cars, has since removed language suggesting their cars are capable of self driving from Chinese territory all together. Coincidentally, Tesla has denied that the changing of the language has anything to do with the fatal crash. Furthermore, Tesla remains the target of three federal investigations which seek to determine whether or not the auto pilot function isn't so much an auto pilot function.
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Tesla rolls out Model 3

LOS ANGELES --Surprise!  This week saw the long awaited pre sale of the Tesla Model 3.    The latest model of the controversial car is set to formally go on sale at the end of 2017,  with,  pre orders having started yesterday  at a measly $1,000. Model 3,  is,  Tesla's lowest priced car ever.  According to Elon Musk,   the Car features automatic lane switching among other futuristic things.   It will reportedly go up to 215 miles per charge.  The Car features a very reasonable price tag of $35,000. 
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