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FBI says hundreds more people are slated for charges + mass arrests: Report

The fallout from the Capitol Complex terrorist attacks continues this week as federal authorities are still hunting American citizens they've identified over it. On Wednesday, FBI officials confirmed that at least 70 or more have been charged as of this writing with at least 100+ still identified pending formal charges for their role in the attacks. " The FBI and the Department of Justice say they expect charges to be filed against hundreds more rioters from all over the country. "The men and women of the FBI will leave no stone unturned in this investigation," Steven D’Antuono, chief of the FBI's Washington field office, said Tuesday, per Fox News (editorial policies prevent us from linking to Fox News because we won't line their ad-dollar pockets.) It comes as some officials ...
Air France trip diverted after alleged bomb found in toilet: Reports
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Air France trip diverted after alleged bomb found in toilet: Reports

MUMBASA -- Bad news for some 400 or so people aboard a Mauritius plane bound for Paris. According to reports,  said plane was diverted to nearby Mumbasa over the weekend after a passenger reportedly found a suspicious package in the bathroom -- that led them to believe it was actually a bomb. Officials say the Boeing air liner was carrying roughly 459 people, and, as of this writing, some 6 of those people are purportedly being questioned by Kenyan authorities over the makeshift device.   Officials say it was a "similar" device to a bomb with a timer and all, but, wasn't actually a bomb.  
Police still investigating yesterday’s Somalian beach attack
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Police still investigating yesterday’s Somalian beach attack

SOMALIA -- Somalian police officials confirmed to Daily News Online that yesterday's beachfront attack by a militant group, is, being treated as a terrorist attack. According to police,  armed militant-men stormed a beachfront restaurant Thursday afternoon before opening firing and killing 3 people. Police note that witnesses confirmed that gunmen indeed shouted phrases known to be used by Al-Shabab, which, later reportedly confirmed responsibility for the Mogadishu attacks. Police refused to confirm whether or not there were hostages throughout the evening, although, several reports noted as such.
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