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3  Gay Men Reveal What Makes Them Say “Absolutely Not”
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3 Gay Men Reveal What Makes Them Say “Absolutely Not”

In our new series ('Tea Time") we hit the digital realms of the internet to find out what gay men say is an absolute no for them. While the response varied, some were so offensive we can't publish them here. This series occurs each week and we will be diving deep into the digital realms asking various questions to all kinds of gay people within our community. If you'd like to be a part -- email: sk@bazaardaily.co.uk. "If he's that type to not respond instantly (and I mean I don't care if he's sleeping; at work, or in the shower... if you don't respond to me.. you are single) almost instantly it is over" - Ronald, 27, Tulsa Oklahoma "He's got too be able to dress not to fem but not to masculine but not to intimidating" - Shaun, 30, New York "Don't expect me to acknowle...
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