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As Afghanistan crumbles to the Taliban, America’s failures are yet again highlighted on a massive scale

The Talibans extraordinary gain in Afghanistan now includes the outskirts of Kabul. Kabul is the main seat of governmental power in Afghanistan and is understood to be in imminent danger. In the early morning hours of Sunday, it emerged that Taliban fighters had overrun most of the outskirts leading into Kabul. Their latest gains have reportedly cut off Kabul’s highway access to nearby city craters and vital resources. The problems only scratch the surface starting there. A rise again of the Taliban means that world governments will now have to communicate with a terrorist cell in order to gain access in any way to Afghanistan. It means that women will once again be denied healthcare rights; birth control, education and more. Taliban members do not believe that women shoul...
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Here’s what happens if Afghanistan falls to the Taliban

A sparring of words between world governments and the Taliban (yes a terrorist organisation has actual world governments pleading for mercy) has unfolded nearly to the fall of Afghanistan entirely. A shocking new piece in Newsweek paints a picture of a grim future for the country, as the government has largely failed to fend off Taliban ‘s forces against their massive expansion of power in the country. Experts alike along with international watchdogs fear that the country will fall to the very same people the Americans claimed they spent 20 years fending off. It is one of the greatest failures in history and is poised to cost millions of Afghan people their freedoms; lives, and their loved ones. Girls and women are expected to lose almost all of their freedoms as the terror ins...
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