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Erdogan confirms Syrian invasion has begun: Report

Wednesday marked the reported beginning of Turkey 's attempt to kill of Kurdish troops in Syria. According to the Turkish governments Twitter account, militia troops have been ordered into Northern Syria as their mission to clear an autonomous region begins. AP File Photo / Turkish militia troops are pictured over Tuesday night. Dictator Erdogan claims that their mission solely is to clear out the border region between Syria and Turkey so that millions of displaced Syrians can find new homes and travel freely. Although many believe that the invasion is an all out attempt to slaughter as many Kurdish troops as possible.
Obama ‘s failed attempt at a military coup in Syria: Top Story
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Obama ‘s failed attempt at a military coup in Syria: Top Story

If there was ever a military-coup nobody knew about, that, just may be that of Syria x Barack Obama.  According to the Wall Street Journal ,   "for years Obama has tried to stage a largely failed military coup in Syria" that would ultimately end in one way -- Bashar Al Assad - would step down for good. However, even after apparently offering years of incentives and various other goodies -- it just didn't work. "The regime stuck" and in 2012 the attempts were often acknowledged as one of Obama's biggest failures. "The White House's policy in 2011 was to get to the point of a transition in Syria by finding cracks in the regime and offering incentives for people to abandon Assad," a former official reportedly told The Journal. The Journal argues that instead of Obama's coup attempts bei...
Report: ISIS has passport making machine
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Report: ISIS has passport making machine

RAQQA, SYRIA -- Troubling news in the war on ISIS this weekend, as, ABC News reports that a 17-page Homeland Security report has been published online. The report, is the first time that the world is now informed that ISIS  allegedly has a passport making machine and blank passport books in which they've reportedly been using since at least last summer to create fake Syrian passports. The problem? Officials reportedly told ABC News of credible intelligence confirming news and even worse, that,  ISIS terrorists are "not being blocked from government buildings" therefore lending them access to millions of information and identification records for their own "nefarious use". Via ABC News

NYC ups presence of terror police amid military strikes in Syria

Interesting developments in the ongoing conflict in Syria. According to New York City authorities, terror police are expected to be out in full-force in the coming  days amid the likely potential of a terrorist attack looming.  Police say that because of the attacks in Syria,  the potential threat (none, at the time of this writing). are "possible".   Authorities confirmed that terror police are slated to be deployed  as the evening continues. Both Russian and Syrian officials say that the strikes are a "clear violation of international law and will result in consequences".

Prime Minister Theresa May to order military strikes on Syria [Report]

British officials have announced, per the Prime Minister, that military strikes against Syria are being heavily discussed and likely will happen.  Reports confirmed that  in the early morning hours of Thursday, PM May,  ordered her cabinet back from vacation to determine the necessary military action against the troubled country. The Daily News has learned that royal ships armed with heavy cruise missiles have arrived  within military-range of Syria, although, the Ministry of Defense refused to comment on that particular issue escalating in the area. [This report will be updated throughout the day as more countries appear to determine strikes on the country].
Rebels to Leave:  Battle for Aleppo is over
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Rebels to Leave: Battle for Aleppo is over

The battle for Aleppo is officially over, according to reports. Reports out of Aleppo this morning indicate that rebels have not only agreed to a ceasefire but have withdrawn from the battle for Aleppo entirely.   While the news hasn't formally been confirmed by government officials, we have confirmed by social media users in Aleppo right now -- that gunshots have come to an end. There is no official word from Bashar Al-Assad's regime on the status of the war or whether or not it is fully over with. As of this morning, the death toll of innocent children and women sits at more than 100. UN and international law officials have yet to announce that they will investigate Assad for war-crimes and crimes against humanity.
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