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Guiliani Ally says $1m from Russia was a secret loan to wife

Lev Parnas -- one of Guiliani 's top associates and now one of the most notable in jail is turning up some pretty damning information. According to documents revealed on Monday, Parnas has claimed that when fed authorities in the U.S discovered a $1m transfer to his wife's bank account (from Russia) -- that it was, in fact, a secret loan meant for her. Lev Parnas, center, exits federal court with his wife Svetlana Parnas in New York, on Oct. 23. Photographer: Peter Foley/Bloomberg But not everybody is buying it. According to the documents, Parnas has had his bail spiked as a result of lying to investigators about his assets. Parnas' lawyer maintains in documents that such was a loan to Svetlana for 60 months with a fixed interest rate of 5%. It remains uncl...
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