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Summer Walker and those shower rumours
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Summer Walker and those shower rumours

The sheer number of times I had to blink twice to make sure I wasn't tripping tonight were/are simply out of this world. Black Twitter never seems to amaze me in how quickly they jump to conclusions, ehum, without actually collectively gathering evidence. Enter: Summer Walker. While ol'girl certainly has some questionable antics (I'm going to direct you to this video and this video only) Walker did not actually literally point to the fact that she doesn't like to shower. DID SHE JUST.... YES SHE DID. Walker is currently on a tour bus (also with a bunch of guys) and made it clear in her story that she didn't like the state of the shower thanks to the fellas. But as a result, this image she posted of some cleaning and bathing products (all of which are sort of to b...
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