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Happy Pride Month from me and my wild family to yours

It's Pride Month pretty much everywhere right now in the world -- and it is awesome. I wanted to remind everybody to love those around you regardless of how different they may be. At a time when dark energy is attempting to overtake our lives, love trumps all. From everybody at the Daily News May each of you have a wonderful fucking Pride Month! You are a rockstar! Here are some fun photos I took after visiting Converse to celebrate Pride Month. Side note: Had to give the people a little Naomi Campbell leg.
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An open letter from me (SHK)

For many years, people, have assumed that I am the only one behind this newspaper. Even, uh,  going as far as to  send literal e-mails to people stating Are you referring to yourself in 3rd person?. Chances are if you don't automatically know that an e-mail is coming from me, it, is probably coming from someone else. I have interns;  helpers, and writers who do sometimes handle e-mails for me.   As someone whom is still in college, I, often do not have the time to sift through hundreds of e-mails to get to every one of them. I'm pointing this out because I've about had it with the disrespect towards people who assist me with this paper.  I am one person and not capable of handling 100 different jobs (as much as I wish I had that superpower). Secondly, please stop referring to me a...
Diary of SHK

SHK: My aunt Amy tokenized my health problems for her own gain as a child

This is part of a series by SHK on the childhood trauma and abuse that he faced at the hands of his adopted mother (whom is his aunt) when he was 18 months old. This article was written with permission from The Common Room, who,  assisted in putting together this article due to SHK 's own health problems. When I was all but about 3 or so years old, that, was when the abuse first began.  I would often  be separated from people who were thought to be against my Aunt Amy, because, she feared that people were going to try and take her children -- because she should have never had them to begin with.   My health issues first (first) started when I was about 13 or so.  I complained my vision was getting poor, and that, I was having a hard time seeing in school.   But I was told that I was...
Statement on Sultan Khane ‘s health
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Statement on Sultan Khane ‘s health

On Friday night,  website publisher Sultan Khane was taken to the emergency room at St. Luke ‘s hospital in New York City.    We are not releasing any information regarding his health at this time,  although, we can confirm that he is in good spirits and will remain hospitalised for the near future. Journalist Sultan Khane is pictured.  As the management team responsible for Khane, we,  have opted to use this generic statement in regards to his health.  “On Friday,  journalist Sultan Khane was admitted to the ICU at St. Luke’s hospital in New York City.   He was admitted in the wee hours of the night, and, has since remained bedridden.   As of this time, we are asking for privacy, as are he and his loved ones - The Common Room,  13 August 2018

Note: Yes, Sultan H. Khane II is still our Editor in Chief

There is a peculiar rumor circulating around Harlem that Sultan H. Khane II is/has never been our Editor in Chief.  This is entirely false, and, he has been our Editor in Chief since 2002.     Khane has brought this newspaper to  success, and,    allowed us to experience things that we have never imagined were possible. As of 2018,  here is a current picture of Sultan H. Khane II the Editor in Chief of Bazaar Daily News and all of  our newspapers. Although reclusive as of late, Khane, is still very much in control of his estate.

Sultan Khane ‘s fashion week outfit to be designed by budding designer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- BAZAAR DAILY NEWS -- KHANE ENTERPRISE & KHANE & COMPANY. NEW YORK --   British website publisher Sultan Khane is slated to make his coveted and annual return to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this fall.  This time, however,  Sultan Khane will not be going the traditional route and wearing his usual wardrobe on the fashion-circuit.   This year, his outfit, will be designed by budding fashion designer Mateo. Mateo, 21, will dress Sultan Khane from head to toe in a to-be-revealed fashion week outfit designed exclusively for Khane. The pair will also walk the red-carpet together at the opening of fashion week,  whereas, Khane makes his first appearance of the week at the Art Hearts presentation at the Mercedes Benz Theater inside the Lincoln Center for Per...
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An O.D to Emma Gonzalez from #MarchForOurLives

Dear Emma, You don't know who I am, but, I've been watching you closely and how you've championed what has now become of the March for Our Lives protests.    My name is Khane.    I to, have lost loved ones to gun violence as a kid, and, stand with you  in full spectrum.   When I was 21, (I am now 23),  I lost one of my previous classmates (and would-be then transgender girlfriend) to gun violence.   When she was 17,  she was gunned down outside of her apartment complex, just blocks, from her school. As one of the  youngest influential publishers in America, I,  am penning this O.D to you Emma to remind you that despite what most may think of the media --  we have your back.          Nobody should be scared;  nobody should have to wonder are they going to go home tonight,  nobody....
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Despite rumors. Khane, is NOT in a relationship

Despite rumors on the internet, Khane, is not involved in a romantic relationship of any sorts with anybody.  We learned of numerous social media rumors today that claim Khane is involved with someone, when in fact, that is farthest from the truth. Khane has no interest in relationships with others, and, hasn't been in a relationship  in at least 3 years. The cancellation of appearances by Khane at upcoming events in New York City has nothing to do with an apparent  boyfriend (he's single). He has personally chosen not to attend any of the upcoming events, including his own birthday.
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H&M dropped as official sponsor of SHK ‘s anniversary party

  Just  three weeks ahead of one of the most coveted parties in New York City,  we have found ourselves prepared to announce that we have dropped H&M as the sponsor of SHK 's mega anniversary party coming up in February.   Every year, the coveted party/celebration marks  SHK 's birthday and our annual anniversary party.  This year, we were in talks to  allow H&M to sponsor the event (among other things).  Last night, after learning of the apparent monkey-ad starring a black child --  we have been given strict orders to drop H&M effective immediately. The event is  best regarded as a big-ticket socialite and influencer party.  The likes of Kim Kardashian-West;  Kanye West,   Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and more have all attended and or mentioned the event...

Merry Christmas from The Men + Women Of The Daily News

It's another Christmas, and, another holiday season. We've spent the past year entertaining and informing millions of you and wouldn't  have it any other way.   We'd like to take the time out of our day to wish each of you reading this a ve3ry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everybody at The Daily News including SHK himself. Please drink responsibly and eat as much as possible.
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Op-Ed: What’s next for me after 16 years at the helm of this newspaper

This is an op-ed by SHK (me), ahead of my 16th anniversary in journalism and my 23rd birthday next month. After 16 years, I am still shocked to see every day that thousands of people log on to hang out to every word we say; write, and tweet.   In some ways, it's like it's still 2004 and I had doubts about whether or not we'd ever hit it big.  16 years ago next month, I, first concocted the hair-brained scheme along with my teacher Mrs Maxwell to create what would become of this very news agency.   We did it together with the help of my first and-only  white boyfriend Taylor, who,   has helped me with much of my success to this very day. When this first started, it, started as a project between two very different students.  I remember being told that I was "extraordinarily gifted" and...

In response to DACA, American staffers forced out their jobs by SHK

In response to the killing of DACA, The Daily News has informed nearly all of its American staff that they’ve been released from their jobs pending certificates from Sultan Khane. In response to Donald Trump’s cancellation of the DACA program, Sultan Khane, has ordered the doors shut on almost 95% of our American workforce effective Oct 1st. Those who will remain unaffected are: DACA recipients (we have over 90 of them); minorities, and the Board of Trustees who must invoke all orders given by Sultan Khane. Termination letters were delivered starting today, and, confirmed what many already suspected. Terminated employees will not receive severance packages; further employee benefits, or any form of compensation from Khane’s estate. As mentioned in our employee handbooks, at an...
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