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“She’s a liar and doesn’t know how to be a grown woman”
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“She’s a liar and doesn’t know how to be a grown woman”

For many years -- my Aunt Amy led people to bleieve that she was an innocent person and could do absolutely no wrong. In this instance, we're going to discuss my Aunt Sissy (may she rest in peace) and Amy. They were sisters. First and foremost, I'd like to mention this. These messages were archives about how Amy really felt about her oldest sister (even leading up to her sudden death about 2 years ago). To add context to this -- I'm going to talk about a certain event that I have struggled with emotionally for a long time. Me and my Aunt Sissy were always very close (even after I forgave her for the hompophobic things she said about me when I was younger). When Amy walked out on me over my gayness, Sissy eventually stepped in and communicated with me often even living on sepa...
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