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A penis-shaped soap; ill-advised marketing, *breathe* let’s dig in

Because in 2019 people still haven't learned that using the consequences and tragic fates of others for self-marketing aren't quite the brightest of ideas. One "Momfluencer" is learning that alone the hard way after an ill-advised *let's take a hard breathe because I wish I was joking here* penis-shaped soap advert-of-sorts went totally ass backwards and backfired. The woman in question is actually Bubzbeauty (aka Lindy Tsang) who thought it was oddly fun and creative to link a penis soap to the death of Sulli; Goo Hara, and now a third Korean celebrity believed to have lost their lives to cybercullying and what not. *breathe in*. I'm not quite sure how the blogger arrived at that sort of comparison -- because the two subjects are so far different that it is quite shock...
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