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4 Important Takeaways from Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes Interview

Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview is certainly going to be the talk of Washington  here in a few hours. Last night, the adult-film actress and brave lady took to 60 Minutes to tell her side of the story -- and how -- Trump and associates has gone to great lengths to silence her. In the interview, Stormy revealed multiple talking points that are generating several points of interest online. In 2011,  in a Las Vegas parking lot -- Daniels was approached by a man who threatened her life and the life of her daughter if she didn't leave Trump alone. Michael Cohen is the dirtiest of lawyers probably and perhaps in the history of American law. Cohen reportedly is the reason (also confirmed by In Touch)  that the magazine did not run the original story  so many years ago.  The mag...
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Stormy Daniels says she was threatened to stay away from Donald Trump

  The Stormy Daniels  interview has officially concluded, and, it was just as interesting as one might expect.   Armed with evidence; postal packages, and more -- Stormy and her lawyer Michael  held no bar when confronted over the authenticity of their claims.  But, it wasn't the general claims that are catching attention online. It's the fact that  Trump supporters (and quite possibly  Trump 's own lawyer) knowingly threatened  Stormy several times over the years (first beginning in 2011).   At one point, also believed to be before that time,  Stormy was "threatened in the parking lot of a Las Vegas exercise class to stay away from Trump or else". That threat, perhaps,   still terrifies her today. Meanwhile,  it has also come to light just how and when she got  her hands on ...
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Trump wants injunction to stop Stormy Daniels’ interview

Over the weekend, it, was announced that adult film star Stormy Daniels sat for what is now an anticipated interview with 60  Minutes. According to Buzzfeed News, well placed sources revealed Sunday that Trump 's own lawyers are trying to get an injunction to stop the interview, presumably, because it could contain evidence of potential  illegal activity (as it also contains information from the past year and her communications with the Trump team..). The interview also focuses on the now much-discussed non-disclosure agreement, that Daniels, claims Trump  didn't sign when it was entered into reality.  Now,   Daniels' and her lawyer have maintained for months that the NDA is invalid -- therefore -- giving Daniels' the right to tell-all about the secret affair Trump doesn't want the worl...
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