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The U.S House approves $2k payments to Americans, the final tally, is however up to Republicans

As it has been several times throughout 2020. As of Monday evening, the House narrowly managed to pass a measure that would increase the stimulus checks to $2k. In that passing, they managed to get along the Dem side at least 44 Republicans to vote along with the measure. Thus, as I usually is, the real test will be whether or not the Senate actually takes up the issue which is ultimately up to McConnell. The Washington Post reports that the Senate may convene on the issue on Tuesday, but, it is unknown how McConnell will move. Although it's worth noting, the fate of the Senate is up in the air and Mitch is getting pretty desperate to keep it. Right now, Senator Loeffler and Perdue are both neck and neck with the Democrats in the state. The end result of the GA Senate runoff u...

Lawmakers in the U.S have reached a deal on the stimulus bill, here’s what you need to know

You might need to read this because truthfully it seems like the stimulus bill is actually meant to better benefit big business rather than the average American. Shortly after 1am last night, Washington officials on both sides of the aisle confirmed that an agreement had been made to pass relief for the country. But: Let's be clear Americans are only getting a single one-time $1,200 check. Meanwhile, billions will go to big business among other things. Clearly: This was moreso an attempt by House Democrats to stifle Trump and others from getting investments and monies from the stimulus bill because of pieces of the legislation literally layout that said parties are barred from receiving any money. Here's the important things Americans need to know (The Washington Post.) Y...
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