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Steve Bannon has been dropped by his lawyers amid tweets inciting violence: Report

Looks like Steve Bannon is out of profesisonal legal help. According to Law & Order (no pun intended), Bannon ‘s legal team has moved to be dropped from his case amid unreported differences behind the scenes. The team apparently didn’t vibe very well with Bannon ‘s tweets that tried to incite violence against Anthony Fauci and the term beheading. In this Aug. 20, 2020, file photo, President Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon speaks with reporters in New York after pleading not guilty to charges that he ripped off donors to an online fundraising scheme to build a southern border wall.   (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, File) The same site now notes that Bannon has asked a judge for a three week repireve so that he can find new representation. Although t...
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Even more trouble on the horizon for one Steve Bannon: Report

A new report out Friday has a grim future in store for one Steve Bannon. According to several reports, federal investigators are now reportedly investigating a $300m media deal linked to the fraudster himself. The Wall Street Journal (warning: paywall) reports that the SEC and the FBI launched an investigation after investors for the so-called company claimed they didn't get verification for their investments. But somehow they managed to invest upwards of $300m. Now officials want to know why that is; how it happened, and what exactly it is that Bannon and Chinese fugitive Guo are doing. The company per documents is actually GTV Media Group (which has been discussed prior to this bombshell announcement.) Officials are investigating what some say was an outright scam from the ...
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Political con-man and Trump henchman Steve Bannon arrested on fraud charges: Top Story

Steve Bannon perhaps Washington's most infamous grifter has been arrested on a few fraud charges related to his part In the "Build The Wall" GoFundMe campaign. According to reports, federal investigators and police from the USPS (that's the postal service guys) arrested Bannon on his $28m yacht off the coast of CT. Bannon and at least three others were indicted and charged by prosecutors in New York for allegedly swindling hundreds-of-thousands of dollars out of would-be donors. Those donors notably had been told that all of the funds to the "Build The Wall" campaign would go towards such -- but instead it was split up between the men. The arrest also captured Brian Kalfage the longtime grifter who had originally set up the apparent wide-ranging scam online. Prosecutors all...
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Sources: Bannon desperately trying to avoid grand jury in Mueller investigation

Looks like  Steve Bannon has some  explaining to do. According to the Associated Press,   Bannon's lawyer apparently fed questions from special prosecutors (and Robert Mueller's investigation)   to the White House during the first of many questioning hearings to come. Bill Burck, his lawyer, was apparently on the phone  with the White House during the first round of questioning -- feeding  the  questions to the Oval Office and Trump himself.     The website claims that Bannon was told not to answer questions about Trump 's campaign or his time in the White House. The New York Times  notes   that Bannon is again scheduled to speak to Robert Mueller's counsel

Steve Bannon has been fired from Breitbart News

Steve Bannon is officially out of a job. According to reports, Steve Bannon has been kicked out of Breitbart News over what is believed to be a result of his anti-Trump comments in that book. The New York Times  claims in its latest report that Bannon was apparently let go by former billionaire buddy Rebekah Mercer. Mercer, a staunch pro-Trump billionaire,  apparently didn't really like the anti-Trump comments he made in that now denounced book. So much so, that it was ultimately supposedly decided that Bannon "just wasn't in line with the magazines conservative views".
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Key backer in Steve Bannon ‘s revolution plan dumps Bannon

WASHINGTON -- Trouble for right-wing strategist  Steve Bannon. According to Newser,   a key backer in Bannon 's revolution against the GOP and at Breitbart has backed out from supporting him. Breitbart co-leader Rebekah Mercer (think the billionaire "powers that be" kinda lady)  had this to say about Bannon 's anti-Trump movement and revolution against the GOP. "I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected," she said Thursday, per the AP. "My family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements."
BYE BYE BANNON:  Alt-Right knucklehead Steve Bannon OUT at the White House
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BYE BYE BANNON: Alt-Right knucklehead Steve Bannon OUT at the White House

WASHINGTON --   Confirming directly from the horse's mouth, The White House, has confirmed that today will be Steve Bannon's last day in the White House.  The resignation reportedly comes directly from Bannon himself, amid claims that he has deep seated racism and a responsibility in part for the Charlottesville riots that left one woman dead. According to the White House, Bannon's resignation was actually supposed to be 14 August --- exactly one year to the day that he started at the campaign to begin with. Meanwhile, we've learned that a whole different department in the White House has jumped ship following Mr. Trump 's bizarre comments on Charlottesville. The White House wouldn't comment on the departure of that department.
Donald Trump Jr’s relationship with Russian lawyer deepens
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Donald Trump Jr’s relationship with Russian lawyer deepens

The controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr's meeting with an equally controversial Russian lawyer has deepened. According to CNN,   the number of actual attendees has now apparently increased to just above eight. Initially, it was believed that only Jared Kushner;  Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump Jr attended the meeting.  Then, it suddenly jumped to three more. Now,  even more. CNN reports that a translator and a family representative were also at the meeting. A meeting that has since been downplayed by President Trump  who says his son is a "good person" and is entirely "innocent". Meanwhile, most aren't buying the claims that he only asked one question while meeting that lawyer in Manhattan.  
What in the world is a “cuck”, Steve Bannon ‘s war in the WH explained
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What in the world is a “cuck”, Steve Bannon ‘s war in the WH explained

The Steve Bannon - Jared Kushner debacle in the WH is one for the history books. Bannon, an alt-right nationalist who believes in closed borders and "supremacy" is not happy with the "globalist" (his words of description) towards Jared Kushner.  With the announcement earlier this week that Kushner and his views had effectively helped boot Bannon from the NSC, such, came a slew of headlines suggesting  Bannon was "angry" and wanted to quit. The Atlantic brilliantly broke the dispute down citing that the differentiating views between the powers that be "are determining who will stay and who will go".  But, the dispute could have harrowing results on another big name in the White House: The Chief of Staff.  The Atlantic discovered that  The Chief of Staff and Banno...
Yes,  Steve Bannon wanted to quit and here’s why

Yes, Steve Bannon wanted to quit and here’s why

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Steve Bannon wanted to 'quit' if he was actually removed from the NSC (which he was).   The report was later denied by people close to the former NSC member and now we've learned a bit more into the situation. WH staffers close to the situation and the President exclusively tell The Daily News that "Bannon has a very strict and consistent point of view that aligned with the deadliest of ideas possible. He has this sort of alt-right mantra that would antagonize the most treacherous of ideas to come from the President.  He was removed ultimately because people felt his alt-right association and extreme views were a bad influence for the President, and, should not influence national security decisions in the Situation Room".  Initia...
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