Tag: Somerton Cold Case


An Australian cold case has gained new oxygen amid its fascinating and lurid web of clues + reopening of 20th century case

An Australian cold case is re-opening amid reports that AU police have enough DNA technology to hopefully identify the man who died last century. Having washed ashore in 1948 -- the man has never been identified. The so-called mystery of the Somerton man may finally come to a close. Adelaide police confirmed this weekend that after 70 years, his body is being exhumed once more amid the rise in prolific DNA technology. Officials in the area seem to believe that modern tech can help ID the man who disappeared and was never positively ID'ed. South Australia police will resume the body of the so-called Somerton man (pictured here shortly after his autopsy in 1948) at the centre of the Tamam Shud mystery. Photograph: Wikimedia According to legend, the man washed ashore in ...
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