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Movie Review: A Simple Favor [New Release]
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Movie Review: A Simple Favor [New Release]

Title: A Simple Favor Starring: Blake Lively,  Anna Kendrick Synopsis: A beautiful girl goes missing. A girl who seemingly had it all; a handsome husband, a child, and a glorious home.  But for what?   Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) a noted mommy "v-logger" finds herself in the midst of one of the town's darkest mysteries: What happened to Emily? Star rating: 4 stars Our Critic had this to say about the film. A brilliantly  casted  crazy-mom  type movie, A Simple Favor, plays on how well it was actually  type-casted.  Kendrick and Lively together as essentially a villain and its would-be con-artist make for an excellent duo in this setting.  Kendrick's performance  specifically deserves praise for her ability to  remain convincing, and, more importantly   keep viewers on edge g...
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