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SHK ‘s Blog:  Living with Permanent Brain Damage
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SHK ‘s Blog: Living with Permanent Brain Damage

This article is part of a new weekly blog by SHK: Living With Permanent Brain Damage.   This series is part of a decision made by me to share my journey living with permanent short term memory loss. There are days I just don't want to be bothered; and then there are those that my attention span is shorter than a shoe-lace.  I had always been a person with quick-wit; master thinking abilities, and near excellent memory. In fact, most of my memory before the crash last year remains in tact. After the crash, though, not so much. Allot of it remains spotty.  There are strands of memory that are in tact, there are others, that are entirely black.  See, what happened,  was I was in an Uber car on my way to Atlanta, beyond that -- I have no recollection of what actually happened.  Over ...
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