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I live in New York;  live alone, and am about to be Quarantined alone — here’s how I plan to make it through
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I live in New York; live alone, and am about to be Quarantined alone — here’s how I plan to make it through

With the shelter-in-place orders "official" as of tonight -- New York is all but officially quarantined as of midnight. That now means that: All gatherings are banned.You are only allowed out if you're essential; grocery shopping, a trip to the hospital, or picking up meds. You can step out for exercise -- but you are required to keep your distance at all times. You are quarantined in the sense of social-distancing. Social interaction is all but non-existent pretty much outside of the essentials for the foreseeable future. (at least in person) "Self-Quarantine" - "Social Distancing" - "Quarantine" - "Hiding From Miss Rona" ... there are many names for what the world is going through right now. But the isolation of it all is already driving some bonkers, especially those ...
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How I came to terms with my mental illness

https://www.instagram.com/p/B4vgHnJBamg/ Taken inside my flat on Veterans Day.  (pictured above)     Because mark my words --- the uphill battle having mental illnesses has been anything but easy.    It has been painfully emotional;  problematic, and even cumbersome at times.  It's even more painful when you're in a position like myself, who for several years had no idea how to tackle it but still had to put on a brave face for the world to see by way of this newspaper.  My associates and I have poured our hearts and soul into this news agency to grow it to what it is today. But for me, I've quietly been battling mental illness behind the scenes.  Mental illness that was inadvertently brought on after the Uber car crash that left me with a traumatic brain injury. I was diagn...
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Security stepped up amid viable safety threats against SHK

NEW YORK -- Our Board of Directors has approved the dispatch of additional security measures amid viable threats (and continued ones) made towards this company and SHK himself.   Two men in New York City have continued to make viable threats, and, are wanted by the New York City Police Department. At this time all public appearances (events wise) by SHK and staff members of this newspaper have been suspended.    We cannot permit our writers nor SHK to attend events in the midst of viable threats to cause them to grave physical harm. Secondly, amid viable threats against our many newspapers, our servers have been locked down and only one person has access to them. It is virtually impossible for new hires; writers and current staffers to log in to work without assistance.    ...
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Requesting use of the likeness of SHK

Over the years -- dozens of people and companies have requested use of SHK's likeness and persons in various mediums. However, there is an extensive process that takes place before we (the board of trustees) grants any use of his likeness. Applications must be submitted by the party requesting use of his likeness. The applications must clearly lay out contact information for the appropriate person; why they need use of his likeness, where it will be uploaded, and how we can ensure that the file does not leave the intended party. All requests are done and managed under UK/British law as SHK is a British-American dual citizen. As the board of trustees that are lawfully responsible for his dealings under his conservatorship, we, take this matter very seriously. Applications that are ...
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An open letter from me (SHK)

For many years, people, have assumed that I am the only one behind this newspaper. Even, uh,  going as far as to  send literal e-mails to people stating Are you referring to yourself in 3rd person?. Chances are if you don't automatically know that an e-mail is coming from me, it, is probably coming from someone else. I have interns;  helpers, and writers who do sometimes handle e-mails for me.   As someone whom is still in college, I, often do not have the time to sift through hundreds of e-mails to get to every one of them. I'm pointing this out because I've about had it with the disrespect towards people who assist me with this paper.  I am one person and not capable of handling 100 different jobs (as much as I wish I had that superpower). Secondly, please stop referring to me a...
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The Daily scores nominations at 2019 UKBA Awards

The Daily News is super excited to announce that we once again are  among the top-jockeys at the 2019 UKBA Awards to be held in London next year.   We actually learned earlier this month that we’ve received at least 3 nominations. Formal nominees will be announced on 3 November from London, when, the UKBA organization announces in full the entire list of 2019 nominees.  
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SHK: My aunt Amy tokenized my health problems for her own gain as a child

This is part of a series by SHK on the childhood trauma and abuse that he faced at the hands of his adopted mother (whom is his aunt) when he was 18 months old. This article was written with permission from The Common Room, who,  assisted in putting together this article due to SHK 's own health problems. When I was all but about 3 or so years old, that, was when the abuse first began.  I would often  be separated from people who were thought to be against my Aunt Amy, because, she feared that people were going to try and take her children -- because she should have never had them to begin with.   My health issues first (first) started when I was about 13 or so.  I complained my vision was getting poor, and that, I was having a hard time seeing in school.   But I was told that I was...

SHK: 5 Things I Learned From My Marriage to Tauras Smith

This is an op-ed by me (SHK) two weeks after my husband and I separated.  This op-ed is not a direct reflection of the idea or beliefs of marriage of anybody else at this paper, except SHK (me).   Marriage is a beautiful thing, and, for me, it was just that. It was a beautifully eloquent learning lesson, that,  despite its own tragic downfall --  taught me a  heartwarming lesson about what it means to love another.   It taught me that, despite the many years I was forced to appear perfect, I, am actually farthest from it.   It, by all means, taught me that just like anybody else -- when you strip away the name and the newspapers.. am insecure just like everybody else. For many years,  the facade of the glamorous person I had become, had become the socially acceptable norm in ...

Happy New Year From The Guys Who Brought You The Daily News

We're in the final hours of 2017, and, we'd like to take a moment to wish each of you a Happy New Year and a Happy Holiday season as we bring this rad year to a close.   Starting this evening,  our servers will change to reflect the New Year and our biggest surprise yet. Please drink responsibly, and, have fun.   SHK, will be in Philly this year  to ring in the New Year.  If you're in town, come hang with the gang in downtown Philly.  Catch up with us on Instagram using the hashtag #FindSHK .
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Op-Ed: What’s next for me after 16 years at the helm of this newspaper

This is an op-ed by SHK (me), ahead of my 16th anniversary in journalism and my 23rd birthday next month. After 16 years, I am still shocked to see every day that thousands of people log on to hang out to every word we say; write, and tweet.   In some ways, it's like it's still 2004 and I had doubts about whether or not we'd ever hit it big.  16 years ago next month, I, first concocted the hair-brained scheme along with my teacher Mrs Maxwell to create what would become of this very news agency.   We did it together with the help of my first and-only  white boyfriend Taylor, who,   has helped me with much of my success to this very day. When this first started, it, started as a project between two very different students.  I remember being told that I was "extraordinarily gifted" and...

SHK finally explains why there isn’t a man in his life

This is a partial op-ed from SHK 's upcming weekly column, where, readers posed the longstanding question to SHK: Why there is no man in his life after all of these years. In Sunday's preview of the upcoming blog answered  tomorrow, he, explains. I just don't believe in commitment.  I think for allot of the time, men, are pointless and there's no real value beyond them as your friend.  Why would I stifle my career to entertain some goofball going no where in his life? The views expressed in this week's upcoming column by SHK do not immediately reflect the views of  the other editors at this paper. 
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Here’s why we’re not confirming nor denying how much we earn from this newspaper

Over the weekend,   social media was set a-fire after several users claimed that they had gotten their hands on documents that confirmed we earn upwards of $10,000 a month.  A feat that would make us one of the wealthiest blogs in the world, and, one of the highest earning websites. We're not confirming nor denying the claims, mostly, because that's none of the public's business.  Our finances and expenditures are only available via SHK 's preemium website as we continue the process to become a publicly traded company for the first time ever. The reason why we refuse to confirm or deny reports of how much we actually rake in from this website, is, because people out there like to say that we are in this for the money. We have risked our lives;  illegally entered countries, and taken ...
SHK to appear in Philly later this summer

SHK to appear in Philly later this summer

PHILLY -- For the first time ever, SHK, is scheduled to appear in the city of Philly later this summer.  The scheduled appearance comes ahead of a subsequent appearance in Las Vegas whereas he will attend a Britney Spears concert with his best friend Mack H. Lewis II. It is expected that SHK will make his tour around Philly accompanied by his life partner. SHK will visit several local libraries; homeless shelters,  and the loca hospital to hand out a select number of teddy bears to children wjth disabilities.
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SHK: Why pretending to endure a “Fall From Grace” was the greatest lesson I’ve learned

This article is an op-ed by Sultan Haleem Khan. In 14 years, I've seen more things that I never thought were possible. In 14 years, I've been called every nasty thing one could possibly imagine -- but by the miracle within me: I've remained on top. I've served as the Editor in Chief of this newspaper (and the many that came before it) since 2003.  Since that time, I've never really "struggled" "had it hard" or anything like that. But, there have been plenty of times that I've pretended to do so. While everybody goes through that one time in their life that they have to borrow money from someone, my tantamount "struggles" haven't gone farther beyond that.  Here's my point in this op-ed. Ahead of my 14th anniversary and 22nd birthday, I've learned an important lesson. Over the s...
Arrest warrant issued for SHK in Moscow 

Arrest warrant issued for SHK in Moscow 

Waking up to a leaked photo is one thing, but, waking up to supposed reports out of Moscow indicating that the Kremlin has issued orders for the arrest of SHK is a different rodeo. We've become aware of apparent orders after we've once more rejected the notion that we are required to register as a major media outlet. The law in Moscow states that a news media organisation must register with The Kremlin if it receives more than about 2,500 monthly visitors. We receive upwards of 650,000 on our smaller blogs, and 7m+ on our main web page. Moscow has been trying to force The Daily News to register since 2014.  
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