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SHK: I’m a twice removed victim of rape

Since the dawn-of--time, and, pretty much since I started doing this website in 2003, I've kept much of my personal view(s) and perspectives on life better guarded than the Bank of England. Now, at 21, some of those perspectives are coming to light after recent admissions from others online that they knew some of those secrets and were prepared to tell the world whether I liked it or not.   In 2003, I met the only man who wasn't my own color. His name was Taylor Wallis, and to this day,  I have only ever been entangled with one other gentlemen who wasn't my skin color.  Both gentlemen gave me many memories, and often, many good ones.  But beyond those two gentlemen, I, have consistently and always veered from becoming entangled with someone similar to who they are: white men. ...
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