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SHK: 15 years later, I still struggle being “Famous”

15 years ago this year,  Fashion Bzaar, was born on the world wide web for the first time.  What was never supposed to be a gigantic news agency was once a small entertainment blog that I did as a hobby and for a grade in secondary school.  I was never emotionally; literally, or physically prepared for what would happen because of Fashion  Bzaar -- mostly because I had never expected it. It blew up, and, it blew up fast. By the time I was about 14,  Fashion Bzaar was the 203rd most visited website in the United Kingdom (in present day its the 78th )  according to Quantcast and other scoring websites available online.   This part right here essentially accidentally made me one of the world's most popular blog publishers.  But, how? I've never truly reflected on how I accidentally ...
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