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SHK: My brain impairments and damage are permanent
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SHK: My brain impairments and damage are permanent

This is an editorial penned by SHK with the assistance of his staff editors.  This is the first time that SHK has publicly confirmed that he suffers from permanent brain damage, which, has subsequently resulted in the discovery of a major seizure disorder. Both of which are direct results of the previous Uber car-crash that nearly ended SHK ‘s life as we know it. ——— Quietly for the past 8 months, I, have been dealing with the lingering aftermath of a car crash.  I have little to no memory of what happened to me, other, than the fact I got into an Uber car a and that the Uber car  crashed into an interstate sign — rendering me both unconscious as it did with what I would later discover to be permanent and lifelong brain damage. My entire life has been rewritten, because, I can...
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