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Understanding the unruly world of porn payment processors and how they work

Porn platforms exist in much of the modern world and likely won't die anytime soon. In fact, they exist in sites like Onlyfans; Fan Centreo, Porbhub, Manyvids, AVN Stars, and more. The fairly underground world of payment processors often include words like "high risk." For example, if a site is deemed high risk by say Visa or Mastercard -- they then are subject to far higher fees and far stricter rules. Allot of sites unless you're as big as Pornhub aren't always financially equipped to afford consistently high fees in any manner let alone for its payment processor. For purposes of this article and so people can further understand, we'll additionally hyperlink the Terms of Service of various processors throughout this guide. First up, let's tackle CCBILL. When most thi...
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