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Here are some basic facts about e-scooters in the U.K

Unlike America, e-scooters across the U.K have very different rules and regulations. In this how-guide, we've rounded up some of the most common laws that must be followed if one wishes to operate an electric scooter in the country. Users must have insurance Because of the fact that these bad boys can go over 30mph, this, makes them legal vehicles in the United Kingdom. Therefore, users are required to have insurance and you will actually have to pay vehicle taxes like everybody else. 2. E-Scooters are legally classed as "power transport" vehicles This means that they cannot at any time be ridden on bike paths; pavements, and the like. 3. In the U.K, e-scooters are lawfully required to have license plates at all times This is actually a thing and is no joke. You can be fined; impr...
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