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Samantha Markle ‘s crazy rant about Meghan continues
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Samantha Markle ‘s crazy rant about Meghan continues

Samantha Markle, uh, we all have one of those in our family. In her latest crazy rant about her royal sister, Markle, claims that Meghan lied about how she got through college — and essentially paid for much of her younger years. This is not a joke. The same lady who once said that she was over throwing shade at her sister, suddenly, needed a bit of the limelight again. So here goes the latest. While in Fiji,  Meghan herself gave an impassionate speech about how she used scholarships; grants, and worked her-butt-off to get through college without much help from anyone else. Although, Samantha, wasn’t having it and chided her for allegedly lying about her father’s involvement. The Daily Mail has video of the speech, meanwhile, we’ve found her response on Twitter.   &...
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