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Exclusive:  Here is the latest on Sergei Skripal and his daughter
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Exclusive: Here is the latest on Sergei Skripal and his daughter

SALISBURY, ENGLAND --    The Daily News has obtained   legal documents;  hospital notes,   and a memo  in regards to the current status of   Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.   According to the documents we've obtained, the two,     have suffered "irreversible brain damage beyond normal capacities leaving their mental states unknown".    Hospital notes show that both are "currently heavily sedated" and cannot "collectively speak in any way, and,   officials are unsure if they ever will again". One court document also notes that  the two will likely never recover due to the level of exposure both  experienced.     The second page of the following document that disclosed their condition,  also, reveals that three weeks later they remain in "stable but seriously critical condition...
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England is still trying to discover what kind of nerve agent that was

On those now infamous former Russian spy agents who betrayed Moscow in the 1990's in exchange for new lives in Britain. According to the Los Angeles Times,    hazmat crews and army troops were out in assistance today to help authorities attempt to determine what form of a nerve agent was used in the now reported assassination attempt on the lives of two Russian agents. Earlier this week,  we reported that the two were critically ill in a botched murder attempt after sources told The Daily News that it was indeed a lethal nerve agent that was used in Salisbury park.   While we haven't publicly disclosed the remaining information we were given,  we, did confirm that witnesses place a man and a woman working together in Salisbury park at the time of the attack. Read our previously publi...
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