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Sources: The Russian agents in Salisbury were targeted with a nerve agent

SALISBURY --  The information you are about to read has not been made publicly available as of yet, and,  we are not taking calls on how we obtained this information. Sources have come forth this evening, revealing, just how two former Russian agents ended up critically ill  and  slumped over in Salisbury. The source, who spoke to The Daily News via our secure phone line,    revealed that  the chemical agent found in the in/near Zizzi's restaurant  is in fact a lethal nerve agent.   "This is/was a deliberate attack by Russian  spies, who, were ordered by the Kremlin to kill Sergei Skripal and his daughter  Yulia.  They were ordered killed to prevent them from talking to the British government, but, only after they had been made by the British government"  the source says. Sergei and ...
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Paul Manafort violated his agreement with the feds, may go to jail: Report

WASHINGTON --  Former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort is in hot-water this morning as reports continue to emerge of his violation of agreement(s) with federal authorities. Manafort, ehum, is already facing multiple felony charges related to his political consultancy work in the Ukraine (something he failed to disclose to the government when he took on the job with Trump). Now, Time Magazine, reports that Manafort has found himself in even more trouble.  Robert Mueller's special counsel has reportedly suggested to prosecutors that Manafort remain on house arrest after the discovery of a top secret op-ed he tried to write with the help of the Russians.    Prosecuting documents claim that Mueller's team managed to unmask a Russian spy who (as early as last week) tried to help Manafor...
Vladamir Putin ‘s “35 spies” have formally been removed from America
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Vladamir Putin ‘s “35 spies” have formally been removed from America

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- As promised by the Russian government, their spies, have formally been removed from American soil.   Early Sunday afternoon a special Russian plane arrived in Virginia to escort 35 Russian diplomats and their families off of American soil or they would have faced detainment. The move comes just days after President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia demanding that their operatives be removed from America within 72 hours.   Russia was quick to demean the actions as "ridiculous" but according to officials each of the diplomats complied with the orders to leave.    
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