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Rupert Murdoch  is cozy in bed with Donald Trump
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Rupert Murdoch is cozy in bed with Donald Trump

If there was ever a bizarre friendship budding, welp, we've got it here.  According to a report obtained by The Daily News,  phone logs for Sean Spicer revealed that he had received numerous phone calls from Rupert Murdoch.  Murdoch,  apparently called Spicer after his "Holocaust and Hitler" gaffe that made international headlines. The phone log report revealed that a total of 7 calls took place, and then, proceeding phone calls were placed to the White House itself.   It has now been revealed that Donald Trump and the likes of Murdoch (who happens to own Fox News and such) are "chatting" on the phone almost every week.   The report concludes that phone records show at least  27 calls have taken place between Sean Spicer; Donald Trump, and Rupert Murdoch. The  White House staffer who...
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