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Republicans are now blaming *all* Americans for the Capitol Riot siege *they* took part in

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy once again has shown that he is an expert in shoving his foot in his mouth. In an interview expected to air on U.S television on Sunday, McCarthy is set to claim that "all" Americans in the country bear some responsibility for the incitement of the riots that Republicans and Trump supporters took part in. Riots that led to the unlawful siege of the United States Capitol. The interview is set to air tomorrow with Gray Television's Greta Van Susteren. In the same interview, which is laughably bizarre, McCarthy goes on to claim that he does not support the articles of impeachment against Joe Biden brought on by Q-supporter Marjorie Taylor Green. I called her. I disagree with that. That's exactly what the Democrats did with President Trump, an...
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Republicans are now staging a full blown coup against the United States but who will stop them?

House Republican efforts in the United States are shaping up to resemble nothing short of a coup attempt against the United States. Vulnerable Senator Kelly Loeffler who likely will lose the GA Senate runoff has now confirmed that she will join Republicans in objecting to the Electoral College win in a matter days. The win of course being that of Joe Biden claiming that Trump and his supporters are entitled to a fair hearing over voter fraud allegations that have never been proven. "On January 6th, I will vote to give President Trump and the American people the fair hearing they deserve and support the objection to the Electoral College certification process," Loeffler said in a statement on her official Twitter account. Loeffler joins a growing number of Washington Republi...
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Some Republicans in America are now pushing for a secession because of Trump ‘s election loss

A handful of Republicans including Rush Limbaugh are floating an idea so bizarre that if it were to actually happen — America would be through as we know it to exist today. Trump has spent most of his week lambasting election officials; Georgia ‘s Brian Kemp, PA election officials, and almost anyone who appeals to him to accept his obvious election loss and move on. Nearly all of the Republican led efforts have been thrown out of various courts on grounds that have absolutely no grounds to begin with. That hasn’t happened. Instead Republicans and GOP leaders are urging the idea of a secession to break apart from states they say are ran by Democratic leftist leaders. On one hand such an idea would stop the proliferation of extreme right-wing ideas into mainstream cities. On anothe...
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Instead of weekly benefits, Republicans want to give Americans $600 one more time and call it a day

As the battle for Coronavirus relief benefits continues in Washington Americans are still left to largely falter because some feel no more benefits are needed. That couldn’t be any furthest from the truth just weeks ahead of a mass expiration date for millions of people currently depending on those benefits. The latest hope for a Coronavirus relief bill may be partially dashed because Republicans and Donald Trump want to stop weekly unemployment benefits in exchange for a $600 one-off stimulus check. That would be the end of the relief on a literal financial aspect. However, that isn’t what is being proposed by a bypartisan group of politicians in Washington. Both sides previously just days ago had agreed on $300 weekly payments until April plus a host of other things. “Th...
The Death Penalty Is Revived In The United States of America
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The Death Penalty Is Revived In The United States of America

Men are playing God...again. The death penalty in America under Attorney General William Barr is strongly being considered. A new execution protocol, replacing the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions with the single drug, pentobarbital. The last federal execution was carried out in 2003. While The Supreme Court outlawed state and federal death penalty laws in the 1972 decision Furman v. Georgia it was not an absolute ruling. The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988, and expanded by Congress in 1994 and is only implemented under those criminals that are deem "the worse of the bunch". Executions have been scheduled for Daniel Lewis Lee, Lezmond Mitchell, Wesley Ira Purkey, Alfred Bourgeois and Dustin Lee Honken between December 2019 and January 2020. What...
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