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Meet the man who hid a girl behind a hole next to his fridge

REDCAR -- A local man is in the headlines this week after a massive bust in his home occurred following tips about possession of a kidnapped girl.   Reports say that Michael Dunn, 51, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and jailed for 27 years after a kidnapped girl was found behind his fridge. Dunn, 51, apparently dug a secret hole behind his fridge where he weirdly held a girl who had ran away from home for decades.  To make matters worse, The Telegraph, notes that Dunn had held an additional young girl in his home whereas he repeatedly sexually abused them both. Prosecutors in the Crown Court convicted Dunn on all charges including 10 counts of rape; three counts of false imprisonment, among other things. Dunn, wept in the stand while he was being read his fate whereas the families of t...
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