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Damon Dash: I’m entitled to my ex-wife’s money

Juicy details in the apparent quest by Damon Dash to stay afloat. According to lawsuit documents obtained by The Daily News, Dash is suing his ex-wife Rachel Roy because he claims she’s committing fraud by not giving him a cut of her brand earnings. Docs show that Dash is claiming that Roy owes him money because he claims to have been one of the original members of her company and may have had a hand in helping her start it (although his lawyers offered no evidence of such in their claim.) Dash per the documents is claiming that he is owed $175,000 from 2014 and an additional payment of $200,000 from then on. In one of the claimant documents, he even claims that Roy allegedly submitted fraudulent accounting documents to prevent him from cashing in on her fashion brand. Hila...
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