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Reports uncover Andrew ‘s lewd and shocking business deals: Report

Andrew is the mere epitome of the reasons why anti-monarchists exist, to begin with. With each passing day, the world discovers that Andrew is just as bad as we thought he was and often more. This time The Daily Mail, uh, has uncovered  Andrew 's lewd and shocking business deals all of which include illegal offshore tax havens. Bombshell e-mails and documents obtained by The Mail On Sunday show that Andrew illegally pumped funds; influence, and the like into a Luxemburg based bank owned by one of his equally disturbing billionaire buddies Mr. Rowland.  The e-mails paint a grim picture for a struggling royal family, who is gunning to reign in the stunning revelations from the disgraced prince. The -emails reveal that Andrew used his taxpayer-funded role as a trade envoy to plug foreign bu...
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