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Fresh News, Hold up..

Utility Commission report shows PG&E power line may be the ​cause of the ​latest wildfire: Report

California officials are fuming once again because PG&E has failed much of California in keeping them safe and powered on throughout some of the deadliest known wildfires in history.   On Wednesday (following the announcement that by Saturday night, even more, will be without power) a PG&E owned power line suffered a major malfunction, and as a result one of the now many wildfires was born. This was discovered after we found a report submitted to the Utilities Commission online. That report can be viewed online here and details PG&E 's utter failure to protect much of northern California. 6 minutes after the line suffered a malfunction -- and we mean this quite literally --  the wildfire began. It ended up almost obliterating half of Sonoma County (where thousands were among ...
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