Tag: Popeyes Man Dies


Total and complete chaos erupts over the now deadly @PopeyesChicken sandwich

It's literal chaos in parts of America today as people are waking up to learn just how far some are willing to go to get their hands on Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. But this in itself hurts my heart because I am a longtime Popeyes fan, but not certain I will ever return to their restaurant. In Maryland last night, a 28-year-old man was stabbed to death while waiting in line for the sandwich. Yes stabbed to death. Police say that incident in Maryland is only one of now many over the infamous sandwich. Police in Oxon Hill, MD confirm the death of the man at Popeyes Here's what I managed to find out: Witnesses say that the man allegedly cut the line after several others walked out of the Oxon Hill, MD location. The altercation ended in the parking lot after the man was ...
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