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Church abuse scandal has brought down a popular U.S Cardinal

WASHINGTON -- Troubling news in the world of the religion and church this weekend. According to reports,  D.C based Cardinal Theodore Mccarrick has resigned  from his top-ranking post after it has been discovered that he has sexually assaulted multiple young people. The New York Times reports that a "church trial" is set to take place in the coming weeks, and, that Pope Francis will be spearheading the trial into the accusations. Some of the accusers were raped as young as 11,  and, had been allegedly forced into  sexually abusive relationships for more than 20 years by Mr. Theodore.  Theodore in a statement to multiple outlets, ehum, denies that he raped or sexually assaulted anyone and claims that "he doesn't remember ever having done such a thing to anyone".
The perverted Pope just became a disgrace 

The perverted Pope just became a disgrace 

VATICAN CITY --According to news reports in the Vatican,  Pope Francis has reportedly blocked a new attempt to defrock a pedophile priest charged and convicted of numerous sex crimes against children. Francis, apparently wants to apply his vision of a merciful and forgiving church despite reports of tensions in the city and concern for underage children. The priest,  who we will not entertain by naming him here, reportedly assaulted and raped numerous children both boys and girls over the past ten years.  The churches congregation apparently found him guilty in the past and attempted to have him removed,  but, such failed. Now? Officials confirm that new evidence has surfaced against him according to the Associated Press.  
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