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Amid Cuomosexual scandal, Andrew Cuomo ‘s resignation signals a wild fall from grace

Andrew Cuomo once the darling governor of New York has resigned from his post. According to a statement posted by the disgraced politician and a video, his resignation will take hold in 13 days. The resignation also means that Lt Gov Kathy Hochul is poised to take over the massive ship that is New York. Hochul is set to be the first woman ever to hold the post in New York whether having succeeded someone or by sole election. On Tuesday, Cuomo managed to maintain that the allegations and reports against him were politically biased and motivated. Hochul supports many things Cuomo did not including $15 minimum wage within the bounds of New York State.
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Supreme Court decides against wading into the discussion over the draft

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided against wading into a larger gender based discussion about the civil service draft. The draft alike other countries is mandatory for men but not women at the age of 18 and requires them to register. Rights groups are now arguing that such requirements may actually be discriminatory by not requiring women to do the same — something they now want to change but SCOTUS has declined to hear the case. The U.S military last had a draft in the Vietnam War, though, has been all volunteer ever since. Rights groups argue that with the rule still standing it is harmful and should be entirely abolished.
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US military says UFOs are probably aliens or China or Russia using extraordinarily advanced hypersonic technology

Either way so far we’re learning that America is behind the times.... one way or another governments need to confirm what those are. If those UFOs did not originate here — what do they want? And why? Parts of the classified UFO report are now out and it paints a bleak picture for those hoping to understand what the United States knows about UFOs and potential alien life. While the report in no way definitively says there are aliens, it does in fact, state that the UFOs seen by the military over the past two decades are probably either aliens or a hostile foreign power. Mankind supposedly has not yet come across any definitive proof that aliens exist though the American government is now acknowledging in full course that the machines aren’t them. Initially, many had suspected th...
Foreign governments are snatching journalists out of airports and airplanes, everybody should be paying close attention
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Foreign governments are snatching journalists out of airports and airplanes, everybody should be paying close attention

Foreign governments and their hatred for journalists isn’t exactly a secret. Though the recent attacks on journalists and opposition leaders has garnered international eyeballs. Just hours after a Belarusian blogger was yanked off of a Ryanair plane to be placed into a government torture chamber — a Myanmar based journalist has now met the same fate. According to Frontier Myanmar, one of the country’s top independent news sites — its top editor Danny Fenster, 37, has been taken by the local regime and placed into a notorious prison. He is being held at Insein Prison a notorious place where “traitors” are usually sent. Fenster is the fourth snatched by the now military ruler Myanmar since the coup earlier this year. Locally a total of 80 have been arrested though ma...
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Report: Federal authorities conducted a surprise raid on Rudy Guiliani ‘s home in New York City

Amping up the investigation into Trump 's former personal lawyer federal authorities are now in possession of all of his electronic devices. According to reports, Guiliani 's electronic devices (including cell phones) were seized by the orders of the Southern District of New York via a search warrant. Authorities are seeking to determine if Guiliani indeed actually lobbied illegally for Trump to Ukranian officials and billionaires while he was President. At the same time of the reported actions, Ukranian officials were repaying the favour by helping Guiliani dig up dirt on Trump 's reported political enemies at the time. It is unclear of the status of the investigation beyond the raid as officials are not commenting on such at this time. Calls to Guiliani went unanswered.
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Manhattan DA in possession of Trump ‘s tax returns setting up showdown of the century

Manhattan 's DA Cyrus Vance now has the documents that almost everybody wants to see. Earlier this week the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that on a state level New York can access Trump 's returns to determine if he committed crimes within their boundaries. Unfortunately for many under reported grand jury rules the public will never see the returns as they are considered sealed by law. The documents were handed over just a few hours after the ruling by Mazars USA -- Trump 's longtime and preferred accountancy service. Vance can now investigate whether or not Trump; his family, and his namesake organisation participated in various forms of fraud. From the looks of things, it sounds like Vance is mostly focused on the Trump Organization (long considered the golden parachute of ...
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Scores of new Americans have been arrested over their roles in the Capitol riots

As it turns out the battle to charge people for their roles in the U.S Capitol Riots was never quite over it just took longer than expected. This week reports emerged that scores of new Oath Keepers have been arrested for their reported roles in the riots as federal investigators continue to track down the domestic terrorists. The new arrestees include an Ohio couple, Sandra and Bennie Parker. The others facing charges are: Graydon Young of Englewood, Fla.; his sister, Laura Steele of Thomasville, NC; and Kelly Meggs and his wife, Connie Meggs, of Dunnellon, Fla., per the AP. Authorities now know that the Oath Keepers particularly knew in advance what they were doing; had trained for weeks, and had openly recruited other people into their bizarre scheme.
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We asked people what they believed about life, and the origins of life, and were left genuinely intrigued

This article is part of our 'Citizen' series where we engage with and communicate with our community and beyond. Obviously due to the pandemic we reached out to our community friends and readers by private message; Facebook, Twitter, and even Telegram. The results were pretty shocking but it really makes you wonder -- no really because some of them were genuinely interesting questions. Per the request of our little audience here we've changed the names or left them anonymous. 'What happens to your blood when you go to the doctor and they have to draw it. What happens to it after that.?" -Nia, 28, Denver Colorado 2. 'They say life isn't a system but everything feels like it was designed. It feels like we were put here rather than suddenly popped up here so long ago. ...
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An intruder on the inside? The U.S Army has removed 12 Nat’l Guardsmen over fears of insider attacks

The U.S Army and the National Guard in the United States might have a much larger problem on its hands amid reports that officials fear a wide-scale insider attack may be under way. On Tuesday, it emerged that Army officials reportedly kicked at least a dozen guardsmen off of Capitol security duty after it was found that they had right-wing affiliations. Those affiliations appear to range from mild to allegedly severe according to multiple published reports though the Army maintains that nothing is wrong. In a dramatic turn of events, the news emerges just hours ahead of Biden 's inauguration as President to be followed by a performance by some of Hollywood 's biggest stars. News of the removals comes as it subsequently emerged that Melania Trump would not provide the traditional...
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The U.S Senate is hiding behind themselves to prevent Trump from being removed

Despite reports otherwise it appears that Mitch McConnell may not want Trump purged after all. According to the New York Times; ABC, and the Washington Post --- Mitch McConnell has now told Democratic leaders that he has no plans to call the Senate back before its 19 January scheduled return. The failure to do so in typical McConnell fashion means that such an act appears to be dead on arrival. Meanwhile the Hill reports a confusing scenario where the Senate could be called back but only under the grounds of an emergency. An emergency that may or may not require the consent of all 100 Senators.
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Despite claims otherwise, Parler says it has begun to remove posts calling for violence

Controversial terrorism-enabling social network Parler.com appears to have partially caved. According to Mediaite, the social network has begun to remove posts related to those that were calling for violence against Mike Pence and others. It is believed to be one of the first of many steps to come for the social network as it fights for its right to be online. Parler 's CEO told the site that some of those posts were particularly those from Lin Wood who had called for Pence 's offing by firing squad. It is the first known time the Parler has ever taken a stance against one of its GOP members. Meanwhile Wood maintained Sunday night to CNN that he made no threat of violence despite the obvious being pretty clear. "I have reliable evidence that Pence has a engaged in acts of tre...
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In extraordinary defeat, the Democrats have sent Republicans in Georgia packing after taking both Senate Seats

Georgia has once again told America they've had enough. Thanks to Black-led organizing; Stacey Abrams, poll registration help and more the Democrats have won the state that has now handed them the Senate. With 98% of precincts reporting, Ossoff appears to have defeated Perdue providing the nail in the coffin Dems needed to send Republicans packing. “It is with humility that I thank the people of Georgia for electing me to serve you in the United States Senate. Thank you for the trust that you have placed in me,” Ossoff said in a video streamed online on Wednesday morning. Hours before, the campaign of his opponent, Sen. David Perdue, said it “will require time and transparency to be certain the results are fair and accurate.” Ossoff 's win comes after Warnock also defeated out...
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Report: Air traffic control threat claim’s there’s a terror threat headed for Washington

Air traffic controllers on Monday in New York City found themselves on the receiving end of a domestic terror threat heard over air-traffic control machines. According to reports, a terror threat has been made against the Capital (that's in Washington for readers who aren't hip to America.) The threat claims that a large plane will be flown directly into the Capital tomorrow. As expected it has resulted in the Capital being placed on high alert. CBS reports that it is unclear whether or not the threat is credible, thus, it appears to have come from Iranian nationals seeking revenge for the murder of their top general last year. A digitized voice can be heard in the recording noting revenge will be sought for his death.
Wal-Mart rightfully  called  crackpot Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser  and it was awesome
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Wal-Mart rightfully called crackpot Senator Josh Hawley a sore loser and it was awesome

Wal-Mart 's social media team rightfully needs a raise considering at least somebody at Wal-Mart has the balls to carry out confrontation with the GOP. In a tweet storm that was ignited on Wednesday, the Arkansas based retailer rightfully referred to Josh Hawley as a sore loser. Hawley, is the sole Republican right now guaranteeing that he will object to the Electoral College certification next week. The comments came amid reports that Hawley intends to vote against the certification of election results in January. A move that is based entirely on baseless allegations of voter fraud only because Donald Trump lost.
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