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A judge has ruled Planned Parenthood clinics in TX are exempt from draconian new abortion law

In Texas the battle over a woman's right to her own body has entered a dangerous new phase. This week a draconian new law went into play barring most abortions after 6 weeks --- and if you've ever been pregnant -- you're probably aware that most don't know they are until about 6 weeks or longer. Gamble 's ruling comes against the backdrop of claims that the law would've created imminent danger for so many women in the state. Texas has now stopped abortions at that point. Judge Gamble (who we will not picture for obvious reasons) ruled yesterday that Planned Parenthood clinics are exempt from the new law for a host of reasons. The law allows private citizens to sue those including agencies they suspect of providing these services to women sans PP. TX 's law is an attempt ...
“We won’t be bullied”
Battle for Healthcare

“We won’t be bullied”

Planned Parenthoods' future now depends on its millions of donors and supporters. According to the healthcare agency, officials have reportedly decided to cease accepting federal dollars in a bid to avoid having to abide by a directive announced in May. That directive perhaps makes it technically illegal for a clinic or physicians office accepting federal dollars to directly talk about or discuss abortion. Abortion is one of Planned Parenthoods' toughest subjects and they remain staunch supporters of a woman's right to choose. The directive first put into place by the government outlaws federal dollars from being used at any healthcare organization in the United States that openly discusses the topic. The same directive, per documents, also has an impact even on organizations that ma...
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Texas’s abortion law declared unconstitutional

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Good news in Austin this week as a Texas judge has overturned a ban on "dilation and evacuation" abortions ruling the previously declared law on such abortions unconstitutional.  Judge Lee reportedly ruled that the ban (stemming from Texas's ruling over the summer on second trimester abortions) is "facially unconstitutional" and results in doctors going against their best medical judgement. "The court is unaware of any other medical context that requires a doctor—in contravention of the doctor's medical judgment and the best interest of the patient—to conduct a medical procedure that delivers no benefit to the woman."  Judge Yeakel wrote in his final decision on the matter. An hour after the ruling, the Texas AG's office announced that they would be filing an immedia...
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