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Here’s everything you might want to know about Picrights the “copyright” organisation hounding websites

Let’s be clear in this post —- copyright is a real thing as is Picrights but there is a right and a wrong way to go about things. Sometime ago the so-called “image rights” agency representing sites like AFP tried to get us for an image that was not actually hosted on our website but instead was hyperlinked through a sourced article (our system is programmed that when a link is sourced it also shows the image in certain social media posts even if it is not directly on our website.) This irked Picrights at the time who claimed that we hosted and used the image when in fact we did not. This had to be explained to Picrights at least 6 different times (because as some may have already learned themselves we don’t use images at all anymore.) Eventually, a so-called manager from Picrigh...
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