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Pressure is mounting to investigate Dr. Peter Daszak over his links to #WuhanLabLeak , infamous e-mail chain, and alleged role in cover-up

Peter Daszak is a British doctor that has been revealed to be one of the key researchers who manipulated Coronaviruses at the now infamous Wuhan China lab. Though it is understood that there might be a few dark elements not previously known before. While Beijing is busy trying to maintain a narrative that has now largely been pushed aside — it appears that in fact the Coronavirus originated from a lab leak that should’ve never happened (though many are wondering if that is the case, and it does appear that way, is it even possible to stop it.?) It’s no particular coincidence that in fact the virus originated in a city and country home to the largest collection of such viruses (including the bat kind.) China ‘s collection of such Coronaviruses are next to none compared to other cou...
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