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Paul Manafort violated his agreement with the feds, may go to jail: Report

WASHINGTON --  Former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort is in hot-water this morning as reports continue to emerge of his violation of agreement(s) with federal authorities. Manafort, ehum, is already facing multiple felony charges related to his political consultancy work in the Ukraine (something he failed to disclose to the government when he took on the job with Trump). Now, Time Magazine, reports that Manafort has found himself in even more trouble.  Robert Mueller's special counsel has reportedly suggested to prosecutors that Manafort remain on house arrest after the discovery of a top secret op-ed he tried to write with the help of the Russians.    Prosecuting documents claim that Mueller's team managed to unmask a Russian spy who (as early as last week) tried to help Manafor...
Trump campaign trying to entirely forget about Russian bad boy Paul Manafort 

Trump campaign trying to entirely forget about Russian bad boy Paul Manafort 

Paul Manafort is seriously a problem for Donald Trump, so much so,  that WH press secretry is now making some pretty startling claims. In an interview with NBC News,  Spicer, went on to claim that Donald Trump did not know that between 2006-2009 Paul Manafort worked for a Russian obligarch and was paid upwards of $10m a year.   What else don’t we know – where he went to school, what grades he got. Who he played with in the sandbox?' he said Donald Trump has been trying to distance himself from Manafort amid FBI investigations into his comnection to Russia. 
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