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Afternoon Roundup, CERTIFIED

The Simpsons & that “prediction” that they knew the coronavirus was coming

Alright people --- let's kick off this Sunday by digging into a blatant and obvious photoshopped lie going around online (well at least a partial one.) As we all know, the Simpson 's have either "predicted" or "predicted" their own eerily similar versions of real-life events that have happened during our lifetimes. First things first, in usual Simpsons' fashion they did air an episode that is in fact eerily similar to the real-life coronavirus (except it wasn't called that.) The episode aired featured Marge and the Gang buying overseas kitchen products that were infected by what the show called the "Osaka Virus" ironically a virus that only originated in Asia. The episode aired during season 4 of the iconic Fox show and it was called Marge in Chains. The episode aired in 1993...
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