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Meghan Markle and Harry might just get a hefty payday for a tell-all interview
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Meghan Markle and Harry might just get a hefty payday for a tell-all interview

It's been rumoured for a while that the former royal couple will actually sit down for a bombshell tell-all interview and now it looks to be accurate. According to Page Six, Meghan Markle is still gearing towards her close-friends either Oprah or Ellen Degeneres for a tell-all interview from the couple. The interview is expected to draw on a number of topics, and is almost universally expected to draw ire from Buckingham Palace if it successfully goes down. Furthermore, it appears Megs and Harry may be plotting a T.V takeover that would see the world gain unprecedented access to the Prince and Princess and their daily lives. Sources told Page Six that Meghan sees it as an effort to win back public support.
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Trump, Oprah Winfrey at odds after 60 Minutes experiment

President Trump and Oprah, ehum, once knew each other on talking terms (no, really) -- but now that may not be the case. Last night, Oprah appeared on 60 Minutes (in which she is now a contributor) where she rebooted last year's experiment where she gathered 14 Michigan residents to talk about Trump. In last year's experiment, which was pretty interesting, Oprah collectively asked the entire group what they thought of Trump; his election, and what may come of America.  At that particular time, Trump, had little to say about the experiment. Now,  he has everything to say. Watch the original experiment below: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/post-election-is-the-u-s-still-a-nation-divided-oprah-winfrey-reports/   Last year, Oprah tackled deep into the questioning of 14 people...
Oprah Winfrey may run for President in 2020
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Oprah Winfrey may run for President in 2020

In the defiant age of Donald Trump,  T.V titan Oprah Winfrey is apparently mulling the idea of running for U.S President in 2020. According to Oprah,  she had never actually thought about the possibility of being President of the United States. But after the declaration that Trump didn't have experience or the qualifications to become such a position, she, has now "mulled" the possibility of taking up the WH in 2020. According to The Daily Mail,  Oprah in her latest interview has expressed high interest in taking a political turn in her career something that she has always avoided in the past. Indeed,  Oprah has never actually entered politics of any kind -- and "was shocked to discover that she could potentially become POTUS".
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