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Sackler Family to lose Purdue Pharma, $12b in opioid crisis settlement

THE LITERAL BILLIONAIRE DRUG-LORDS who have clogged; disseminated dishonest advertising, created fake marketing tactics, and ultimately pushed millions of unneeded opioid prescriptions to Americans will settle. I apologise ahead of time for that long introduction, but, you kind of get the gist about how upset and angered I am that the Sackler Family has gotten off Scott free. Scott free for nothing short of crimes against humanity. According to the Washington Post, the Sackler Family has informed the victims that they must accept the settlement otherwise bankruptcy will be filed. That settlement apparently is to the tune of somewhere between $10-$12billion. But these are human lives we're talking about. As of 2019, no virtual way is presently available to even fully and...
America ‘s Opioid Crisis Is Getting Really Really Bad
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America ‘s Opioid Crisis Is Getting Really Really Bad

Americans are drug addicts, face it, a large part of America has now caused the FDA to take a never-before-seen move to fight the crisis that has killed a heartbreaking number of people.   On  Friday, the Food and Drug Administration reportedly sent a letter to Endo Pharma, the company responsible for a more-relaxed version of Opana ER. The feds want Endo to limit the number of sales (if not, preferably, entirely stop selling the drug)  due to the fact that Opana ER has significantly contributed to the drug crisis on America.    Endo, er, argues that their drug is "safe and impossible to abuse". The drug was accused of being a large benefactor to the rise in HIV and Hepatitis C infections in 2015.  That same year, scarily, the drug killed an estimated 40,000 Americans.  The drug make...
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