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A brief update on writing for Daily News Online

From the Desk of Mohammed SHK: It's a New Year, and that means, we've got some new faces behind Daily News Online.   So I'd like to take a brief moment  to discuss a few things so everybody knows what they're doing; how to do it, how you get paid for your freelancing, and what to expect in the future. You are not to address me as my real name online; on social media, Facebook or any where else. Some of you actually know me by my real name.  Please respect that.  You can address me by which ever name my real name or simply SHK in e-mails, however, publicly you are to address me as SHK and that is the only way you can address me. My real name has never been released to the public, that, is why some handed me the nickname "The Ghost" many years ago.  If you are e-mailed personally by a ...
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