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80% of America is still buzzing over The Grammys, you can go on any social media platform to get the moments or thrills your eyes or ears might have missed. Our pens are glued to the pad over here at Bazaar Daily. The only thing we still discussing is that promo for Celebrity Big Brother! (blinks eyelashes really fast) OH! YOU SAW IT! Did Omarosa make a jaw dropping entrance back into reality t.v or what? Say what you want but the woman makes major moves. At a time where things are so racially charged, is no one going to commend her for being the only black person in the Trump's administration? Just asking for a friend. It should have been celebrated especially due to the fact that she was booted out from her gig as Director of Communications in the office of Public Liaison just after a...
Trump Administration

Omarosa booted from Trump Administration: White House

Looks like the bad news keeps on giving for the Trump Administration. According to White House Press Sec Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Omarosa was told to resign from the Trump Administration this week for unknown reasons (some reports indicate that she was never supposed to be there..). Omarosa was apparently escorted off the premises after being fired by John Kelly, per multiple reports and social media. Omarosa's rep did not return phone calls for comment.
Omarosa has been hired into Trump ‘s White House Team
Trump's America

Omarosa has been hired into Trump ‘s White House Team

Unfortunately, we're on a roll this week with unusual headlines that we secretly find amusing but we're raising our eyebrows at.  According to insiders,  Omarosa  (from the Apprentice) has reportedly been hired into Trump 's White House team as a top public speaker. While the news hasn't been confirmed by Trump 's own team, the insiders, reportedly told The Daily Mail of how Omarosa 's loyalty to Trump  has "rewarded her in the best way possible" after reported meetings at Trump Towers in New York City. Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump,' she said in an interview for a PBS Frontline documentary about the presidential campaign. 'It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.'
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